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Burglar Did Damage to Your Door Frame? Call King Door & Lock! in Silver Spring, MD buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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At King Door and Lock we are here to help you when tragic strikes. You come home from an event and notice that your door is damage, due to someone trying to break in. We do not claim to be the only company that provides, installs, and repairs residential door services, but we are among the best. Our superb customer service, experience, and quality of work allow us to be the finest in the area. ​

Have you noticed that after a break in your door and frame can be left totally damaged? I have a solution for you, call us here at King Door and Lock to come and help with your service need. Whether you’re in need of

*Door Repair

*Door Frame Repair

*Weather Strip


*Door Re-alignment

*Door Replacement

As well as fresh Door Instillation. Let King Door & Lock send out to you one of our highly skilled and licensed technician to get the job done. King Door & Lock takes pride in know that we give outstanding customer service. We also pride ourselves in the work that we provide for you. From fair pricing, sending a trained technician to you, and being available 24/7. If your door is damaged and dysfunctional, then you’re compromising the safety of your home. So why not let King Door & Lock come to you and get the door fixed. 

If you would like to view the work that we have done, please don’t hesitate visiting online. If you just so happen to not really like the new age technology, then just give us a call at (301)363-2264. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist