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King Door & Lock offers proper door installation and repair is necessary to secure families. Doors are the first indication of the personality of those that live in the home as a unit, but complete door services offer more than just beautification. While a beautiful door can be the epitome of refinement that is present in the home, the security of your home and the people within is the most important thing. At King Door and Lock, we offer a full range of door products and services guaranteed to satisfy your residential needs. We serve Maryland and DC, and the surrounding areas with 24/7 door services and up-front pricing. Our Door Installation, Repair and Replacement services include:

 *Door Installation

*Residential Doors

*Break-in repair

*Door Hinge Install or Repair

*Door Jamb Repair

*Door frame Repair

*Custom Doors

*Exterior and Interior Door Replacement and Repair

*Garage Door Repair

*Garage Door Installation

We have a myriad of styles and designs that range from old style to modern doors. Our door services include most everything for doors like door hardware. In our homes, the door is the most important point of security. The bulk of our calls are for residential door installation and garage door installation, but because we are a comprehensive company, we also offer screen door repair and screen door installation, as well as storm door repair and storm door installation. This is in addition to our door repair and door replacement services. We pride ourselves in offering these services with up front pricing and 24/7 service.


Additionally, our residential services include replacement doors for exterior door and interior door selections. Front doors need to be significantly secure, but they also need to be ornamental and a reflection of the family, be it whimsical, modern or traditional. When considering aesthetics, we also have the homeowner covered with our extensive selection of parts including whole doors and sections to match any existing garage décor in our area.


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