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The primary function of this position is to be directly responsible for selling new and used cars, gross and volume standards and meeting CSI goals. A high level of customer service is expected to retain customers and meet CSI goals.
-Strive to maintain a steady supply of hot prospects at all times.
-During floor period, wait on all customers promptly.
-Must be able to make an effective demonstration ride on a planned route.
-Must be able to make an effective delivery after the sale.
-Develop and maintain an owner follow-up system.
-Must have knowledge of the company sales, parts and service policies.
-Provide proper treatment for all dealership customers.
-Touch base with managers before any unclosed or dissatisfied customer leaves.
-Maintain a continuous follow-up with customers who will refer prospects.
-Be thoroughly familiar with current and new products, including features, specifications, prices, colors, options, and standard equipment.
-Make reports to management concerning objectives, planned activities, review and analysis as requested.
-Use telephone/ email effectively to seek and obtain appointments with prospects.
-Be able to send proper business emails to prospects.
-Work in a team atmosphere, willing to help other sales associates when necessary.
-Be able to process the - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist